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St. James

It's a Great Place to Grow!

At first glance, St. James Lutheran School might in many ways seem much like a public school. Our curriculum is standards based. We teach Math, Reading, English, Social Studies and Science. We have extra-curricular activities such as athletic teams, drama productions, Music and Band. Our Parent-Teacher League is strong, providing many student and family events and our students are provided with at quality hot lunch program and bus transportation. However, there is one very unique difference. We have the ability to teach and apply God’s Word every day in everything that happens at school. 
            From Pre-school through 8th grade our students learn and grow in a warm, nurturing environment enriched with Christian teachings and morals. It’s an education devoted to preparing young minds and hearts for a future they will soon be a part of. As a Nationally Accredited School, we out-performed the public school in all academic areas based on Wisconsin State Testing – all in a Christian environment.
            Considering where your child will attend school is one of the most thoughtful decisions you will make as a parent. We are confident that our program of academic studies wrapped into the spiritual understandings and practical applications of living will provide you with what is most needed for your child’s education. At St. James, our focus of challenging academics presented in a safe and caring Christian environment where faith is integrated in the learning process gives children the foundation necessary to continue their education and also to proceed in the life-long process of Christian service.
            When you enroll at St. James, you not only enroll in a school, but you enter into a partnership with us.    This partnership already begins before school starts when our teachers schedule a time to meet with each of their students and their parents individually. It gives everyone a chance to ask questions, visit, and talk together about the new year and any concerns there might be. At St. James we understand the impact of the decision to send your child to our school and what a vital role good communication plays in that relationship. We would feel honored if you would consider St. James and welcome the opportunity to share in their education and spiritual growth. 
Meeting needs…..
….through technology
            In the past four years, St. James has made technology a priority. A large computer lab complete with printers, projector and SMART board technology accommodates even our largest classes. Class time for computer instruction for K-8 is standard in scheduling and each classroom has additional computer and printer access as well.
            One of our building goals this year has been to effectively integrate technology into the classrooms. This past year we began adding projectors and boards into our classrooms to make that possible. We continue to provide opportunities for the teachers to receive hands-on training and share resources on how to better integrate technology into daily teaching.
            In support of this goal, our school received $4,000 provided through our annual St. James Dinner Gala. This year a video projector was installed in our Science lab. The projectors are connected to towers with DVD capability and connected online. These tools will allow teachers to expand how they are able to integrate technology in the curriculum which motivates student learning.
            With technology we have improved the lines of communication through a system called FastDirect. This system was added 4 years ago and allows our parents to communicate directly with the staff through an e-mail system as well as view grades on-line on a daily basis. All financial accounts, lunch accounts, attendance, classroom bulletin boards and much more is managed through FastDirect.
            A telephone system has been installed within this past year throughout the building making teachers more accessible as well as providing faster response in case of an emergency. Parents may talk directly to teachers and students or leave messages via the voicemail system.
            SchoolReach is a telephone broadcast system that St. James has implemented to improve communication between parents and school. This enables us to notify parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event. The system will deliver a message to cell, landline and answering machines. The system is also used from time to time to communicate general announcements or reminders.
….through accreditation
            St. James has been accredited since 1994. National Lutheran School Accreditation has been a seven-year accreditation, with St. James completing its most recent accreditation in May of 2008. Accreditation is a yearlong process of comparing our school to national standards, completing required exhibits and gathering feedback from school stakeholders. An ongoing school improvement plan was developed with goals and strategies we will be using for the next 7 years to accomplish these goals. 
…through strong academic programs
            St. James offers a state standards/faith based curriculum. With a large computer lab, upper grade Science lab and an up-to-date library facility with a circulating library of 8,000 books, as well as an Accelerated Reader and Star Reader program, it is no wonder that our students perform so well at the high school level. 
“I just wanted to say thank you to you and all of the teachers and staff for the wonderful education Ian received at St. James Lutheran School. He made honors first semester and is doing even better this semester. I also noticed that 14 or 15 of last years’ 8th graders made honors or higher. That is quite an accomplishment for your school to prepare them that well for going into high school and for them to adjust to a larger school also. Please share this with your teachers and staff and the school board! Thank you!” Pricilla Zahn ~ Parent of a St. James graduate
….through fine arts & extracurricular activities
            This year marks the fourth year since St. James established its own band program. This year our band has grown to 30 members. St. James band includes students from grades 5-8 and is lead by Mr. David Pelow. Mr. Pelow retired from the Gillett School District after 30 years of service and is known for his expertise throughout the state of Wisconsin. St. James is proud that this past year our band received a first division award for Middle School Band at Solo and Ensemble. During the school year, students receive individualized lessons as well as group instruction. Orchestra Instruction is available to students through the Shawano School District. 
            All classrooms receive instruction in Music twice weekly. Among those elements taught are music theory, music history, as well as participation in classroom choirs. Upper grade students, grades 6-8 have the choice of attending either General Music or Performance Music. All students take part in our outstanding musical Christmas program performed yearly.
            At St. James we are able to offer many different types of athletic opportunities to our students. Athletics may begin as young as 5th grade depending upon the number of children enrolled. We offer Big-Six Conference basketball for boys and girls as well as volleyball for both boys and girls. Girls participate in the Spirit Squad while all students are able to participate in other athletic activities such as football, wrestling, track, soccer and cross-country through the Shawano School District. Each year our athletes are recognized at our annual Athletic Banquet. 
Extra curricular activities are another important aspect of student life. Our students participate in the Geography Bee Competition, Spelling Bee Competition and compete against area schools in Forensics. Our students also take part in Jump Rope for Hearts, drama productions and complete their 8th grade at St. James with a 3-day class trip to Chicago. Students are recognized for their many academic and extra curricular achievements at our annual Fine Arts Banquet. 
…through a Christ-centered experience!
            Christ is the focus of all that happens during the day at St. James. Come visit us and take a tour of our facility. Feel the difference a Christian atmosphere can make in the day to day educational and social experience your child will become immersed in.
            “My oldest son graduated two years ago. He did not start out at St. James. My husband I made the decision to move our son from public school to St. James starting his 6th grade year.
            Ours was a Christian home where prayers and Bible reading and discussion of spiritual matters were common occurrences. And yet my son has told me, “I pray more now that I went to St. James than I did before. I just feel more comfortable talking to God.” Such is the power of the ministry of our school.”
DeeDee Koehler ~ Parent
            “I strongly believe in the school (St. James). The teachers truly care how the children are doing in their classes. They are all  dedicated teachers and administrators. The staff is visible to the students and parents. The student to teacher ration is wonderful. St. James has always been there for my kids.”
Kathy Braun ~ Parent
            “I really like the teachers and school. My child is very happy there! It’s like one happy family!” Leslie Buckbee ~ Parent

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